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NIAAD provides students with an opportunity to explore and enjoy their lives in the best way they can responsibly. We strong believe that the success of any student largely depends on their personal efforts to use their time and environment in the best way they can, and in a responsible manner. We also believe that the role of the tutor is to stimulate the creative mind of the student to enable him/her to realize their potential for producing works of art and design which go beyond the limits of time and space.

NIAAD is located in a semi-urban village. This allows students to integrate with local community and often forging strong bonds and friendships that last beyond their academic staff at the academy

Naiad has a maximum of 100 students currently. Because of the small number of students, each student has the opportunity of knowing one another at a personal level. This creates a strong form of bond between students and enables them to live as a community.

Social life

NIAAD is situated at Namulanda, 20 minutes drive from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda and is minutes drive from Entebbe International Airport. The location of NIAAD therefore provides students with opportunity to go to either Entebbe Municipal Town or Kampala to enjoy social facilities which are not provided at the campus or in the village of Namulanda. Also, students/Artists interested in evening or morning walks, the space in and around NIAAD is the best for this.

Early morning hours provides an opportunity with artists to see the sunrise in its full cycle with different amazing colours.

The village in and around NIAAD, are rich in tropical fruits at very cheap prices. Being located at the showers of Lake Victoria, the students have the opportunity of enjoying cheap fresh fish.


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