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NIAAD Art Residence Programme

Set on the showers of Lake Victoria along Lutebbe Beach, 20 minutes drive from Kampala the capital city of Uganda and 15 minutes from Entebbe Airport, the gate way to Uganda by Air.

NIAAD Art Residence, some of the best conducive environment for creativity and production of Art work. Our studio space is one of the best in East Africa for emergency as well as establishes professional artists. The programme allows artists to explore new visual possibilities of inquiries and new techniques.

Artists in residence have the opportunity of inviting art students of NIAAD once every week during the open studio day, to discuss their emergency ideas. By doing this, artists in residence benefit from the students’ ideas and contributions. It also allows the growth and development of visual ideas between artists of different background.

The residence programme also provides artists with a week and outing either in Mpaga forest one of the remaining few tropical forests in Uganda or in Masaka rural district a land of rolling hills where the opportunity to explore indigenous cultures is the centre of focus.

Our Residence programme is usually for a minimum of 4 weeks and applications for a residence are accepted throughout the year.

Residents are given studio space to which they have access 15 hours a day. The current fee for a 4 week residence is US 400. This fee includes accommodation; meals (including breakfast) are not included. 
The land in and around NIAAD is gifted by nature with will plants, birds and animal life for an artist’s inspiration.
Apply now.

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