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NIAAD provides some of the best accommodation for students. There are two focus of accommodation. The shared and the single self-contained rooms, each with an independent verandah.

Shared rooms

The shared rooms normally have between 4 to 6 students, with shared bathrooms and these are normally taken up by students who want to live much closer to the campus and who want to minimize their financial expenses. The cost for shared rooms per student is UGX.150, 000 an equivalent of 60USD per semester.

Single self-contained rooms

Single self-contained rooms are spacious with, toilets and birth rooms inside. They are normally occupied by students who want to live more private lives and who have enough financial resources at their disposal. The prices for each self contained room currently is UGX. 500,000; an equivalent of 200USD per semester. All the accommodation is in a walkable distance of 5 minutes from the NIAAD Campus.

There are rules and regulations governing accommodation at NIAAD, which students are expected to abide by.



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