Welcome to Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design – NIAAD

NIAAD is a tertiary Institution of Art and Design located on the edge of Lake Victoria, 12 miles off Kampala – Entebbe Highway, Lutembe Beach road and 7 miles from Entebbe International Airport. The Institution is committed to providing qualitative and flexible Art and Design programmes in respect to national development goals. NIAAD offers an exciting learning environment led by dedicated and qualified teaching staff with both National and International art practice and teaching experience that help students understand and master creative techniques. Our teaching staff is supported by international visiting artists and designers from Israel, America and Europe. Our students combine curiosity, experimentation and enthusiasm in the pursuit of learning. At the Institution, students are inspired to promote local art and craft skills, learn cutting edge design technology and encourage one another through a network of alumnae and international artists which gives them a unique perspective on the variety of expression existing throughout the world.

NIAAD, unlike other Art institutions, emphasizes studio practice and hands-on approach. Many of our recent graduates have become job creators and not seekers and therefore problem solvers.
Besides offering formal education, Institution in partnership with the local communities initiates and develops sustainable community-based programs that aim at reducing poverty and hardship. NIAAD focuses on capacity development of the youth and women, emphasizing vocational skills using the Arts to unlock their creative capacity. Each week NIAAD students spend two hours involved in teaching and doing public art works for disadvantaged communities.

Our Mission:

Unleashing universal human creativity as the motor for economic and social transformation by restoring true Art values, discipline, inspiration and creativity.

Our Vision:

To provide the youth, artists, students and the marginalized women with a true professional art education that will address the escalating unemployment levels and encourage creativity, innovation, professionalization and entrepreneurship in the cultural sector.


To set up professional international art academy in Uganda that provides artists with true artistic principles and values.
To preserve, promote and utilize indigenous art and design skills knowledge through training and research, fostering a sense of community pride and shared history that leads to sustainable development
To create employment opportunities in the area of art and design, create and promote community awareness on human rights, social justice, cultural and environmental protection using the Arts.
To equip the vulnerable youth and marginalized women in the communities with art and design skills in order to encourage creativity, professionalization and entrepreneurship in the Art and cultural sectors.
Under About include History:

NIAAD first came into operation in 2009 to address the multifaceted concerns, needs and interests of many artistically talented youth, Performing Artists, Researchers, disadvantaged youth and Women. In Uganda, many school leavers successfully complete Primary, Secondary and Tertiary education but without tangible skills to become job creators. The art market is a somewhat unusual target for financial investors in Uganda given that it is known as the largest unregulated market and therefore investing in Art has always been a bit of a quagmire. Niaad as an International/local training and research centre came in to provide unbiased art market research, analysis and advice for art collectors, art professionals, art institutions and art funds in Uganda in order to encourage creativity, innovation, professionalization and entrepreneurship in the cultural /Art sector

Employment Opportunities:

Interested in working at NIAAD?

If you think you would be a good fit for NIAAD after perusing our website, please send a CV and cover letter to niaadacademy@gmail.com